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ESL in Canada sponsors and organizes language exchanges, special group prices, ESL cafe events, activities, internships, work experience and educational programs and assists with information about schools, travel, immigration, employment, shopping, homestay and professional education services.

The free Travel Language Culture "TLC" information is available for Canadians, new Canadians, visitors and international language students, teachers, homestay providers and language education suppliers.

ESL in Canada - English Class and lessons Information

ESL in Canada is organizing in-person classes in Windsor Ontario Canada.

First session: June to August 2024

Second session: September to December 2024

Email for additional class info: eslincanada@gmail.com

ESL in Canada Contact Information

J R McBride, ESL English Class and Services Coordinator

Telephone: 1 (647) 247 3897
Email: eslincanada@gmail.com


Ms Shirley Lue, Homestay Manager,
Toronto Office: 1 (647) 247 3897

ESL Cafe at St Paul's Bloor Street in Toronto

Outreach Coordinator
227 Bloor Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M4W 1C8
Telephone: (416) 961-8116

Sentence Master English Language Grammar Summary

English Language Grammar Summary The new updated Sentence Master - English Language Grammar Summary is available in digital form.

The 149 page English Grammar Summary is designed for beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional English Language students ages 5 to 100.

The Summary includes Most used 3000 English words Vocabulary list, SAT Vocabulary words, EAP Vocabulary words and Vocabulary for School subjects.

The ORIGINAL Blueprint for English

Picture of Blueprint for English The ORIGINAL Blueprint for English language grammar summary with practice word cards is designed for beginner and intermediate English Language students ages 5 to 100.

Blueprint for English is a 96 page summary of grammar practices, procedures and examples.

The practice word cards will provide you with enough variety to practice forming millions of English sentences. The word cards are an excellent mnemonic memory aid for parts of speech, word functions and vocabulary.

Click on the book cover - Go to Lulu and buy a digital or paper version.

Special Note for ESL English as a Second Language Teachers

Using the practice word cards is an excellent method of focusing the student's attention on the words in use and not be overwhelmed or distracted.

Teachers can teach the functions of the English words by parts of speech.

Teachers can use the Sentence Master practice word cards to teach the 1000 most used core English language words and demonstrate the wide variety of context variations used in written English communication.

Using the practice word cards can help ESL English teachers focus attention and the word cards become memory aids to assist in vocabulary retention.

Using the practice word cards can help ESL English teachers stage the learning step by step, expand vocabulary, teach grammar, context and comprehension and even have some fun.
Picture of Sentence Master Banner

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Cities in Canada

Cities in Canada will list university, colleges, ESL English schools, student residences, local transportation, events, entertainment and activities.Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto repeat on the list of the world’s top 10 most livable cities in a long-running ranking by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Global Liveability Index 2023, of 173 metropolises. 

ESL in Canada News Blog

ESL in Canada News Blog - information articles, reports, opinions, observations, warnings for ESL English students, teachers, agents, homestays and schools.

Study English in Toronto

Toronto has ESL English programs in University, College, Institutes, High schools, private English language schools, education organizations, charity organizations, re-settlement organizations, Canada Federal and Provincial government sponsored programs and private English Language teachers and tutors.

Sentence Master Games

Sentence Master Games blog provides fun challenges and learning experiences that will help students write English sentences, practice their English grammar and improve their English writing style.

Learn English Blog

Learn English Blog - Learn English Blog provides free ESL English grammar, vocabulary, writing, conversation lessons, examples, definitions, links and resources for ESL English language students studying English as a second language.

Free Language Exchanges

Language exchanges are a great way to develop your target language fluency, learn new vocabulary, learn about the culture associated with the language, build your confidence and even save money. Many language exchanges are English for Spanish, or French or Chinese or Portuguese. Like all partnerships - you have to work well with your language exchange partner. Both you and your partner have to be able to operate at the same work level.

Toefl Toeic Ielts Cambridge Tests

TOEFL TOEIC IELTS Cambridge Test Information includes preparation, exam questions, quizes, essays, short answer, listening, speaking, conversation, pronunciation, vocabulary, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar and writing composition.

English Idioms Blog

English Idioms are words, phrases, or expressions with a meaning that cannot be derived from the literal translations of the individual words. English Idioms are used in everyday life, school, the arts, business and sports.

English 4 Cooking

English 4 Cooking provides cooking vocabulary, preparation lessons, examples, definitions, links and resources for ESL students who want to use English.

University in Canada

Canada has excellent University programs for Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate Degrees and Post-Doctorate programs. The specialties include some of the World's finest cutting-edge original technology and the tradition bound fundamental disciplines. Admission to the programs is dependant on the individual University and usually includes language skills and prerequisite courses. ESL in Canada can provide initial counseling for students.

College in Canada

There are some excellent Canadian college programs that offer one, two, three and four year diploma and certificate programs that are the finest college programs in the world. College programs include technical, administration and trade skill programs.

High School in Canada

High School in Canada will provide information about the official Provincial Ministries of Education High Schools, high school programs, high school admission and graduation requirements, high school core courses, high school electives, high school activities, clubs and sports.

Best Education & Career Training Programs Workshops

There are many interesting career training programs that prepare students for well paying jobs in Canada, the USA and other countries throughout the world. These programs offer instruction from industry professionals that offer true industry experience, current techniques and may include work study cooperative placements. Best Education Training Workshops lists: dates, times, locations, costs, speakers, presenters, topics, training links, resources, schools, organizations, qualifications, requirements, descriptions, travel details, and more.

Schools in Canada

Schools include: English schools, language schools, university colleges, universities, college, academy, academies, institute, institutes, camps, summer camp for kids, summer camps for students, wintercamps for students, public high and elementary schools, private high and elementary schools, career training, vocational training, activity training, licensed trades training.

Jobs in Canada

Jobs in Canada can be permanent jobs, temporary jobs, contract jobs, professional jobs, administration jobs, technical jobs or internship work experience. Info includes work visas, job openings, work permits, criteria for health and medical clearances, language proficiency, employment standards, education requirements, work experience requirements, job skills, job duties and responsibilities.

Overseas to Canada

Advice and logistics information to help you travel to Canada. Canada enjoys the number one destination for long term immigration success among the G7 countries.

Teach English Blog

Teach English Blog - Teach English Blog will feature ESL teaching articles, observations, comments, examples, lesson plans, resources, references, methods and advice for potential, new and experienced ESL English Teachers.